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Re: Struggling band person

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Hi ROsie,

So glad you posted and are holding your hand out for some encouragement. Its important not to feel liek a failure when things go wrong, sure we can fix it by simply picking you up, dusting you off and getting you back on the band wagon…. ( or bypass wagon ).

Their are rules that might have had to be neglected whilst you got things sorted, but you know from experince weight loss is acheivable…. if only we follow some very basic rules…
As emotional eater, bands are sometimes easy to cheat, bypasses too if your hell bent on living to old standards..

So we review, we compensate and we move on….
Let the guys and girls guide you, support and encourage you….

Will be looking at long term issues and getting past the bypass just as soon as I get five minutes…

PM Me your e-mail and I will send a copy of the rules and a link to the 5 day pouch test…..

Otherwise use the support you have at hand, try to get to a support group meeting or encourage other WLS patients to meet up if only for coffee. I am sure their are planty hiding in the woodwork lurking….

Its not over till the fat lady sings, but shes had a bypass and is not longer fat…

Too slimfinity Rosie, too slimfinity and Beyond.

Buzz xx

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