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Re: Struggling band person

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Rosie Posie

Hi All
I had my check up yesterday and all is fine. X-rays etc all went well. Lost another 7lbs over last 5 weeks not a big loss but happy to be going down again. Sickness has settled down thank god. Did not get any more fills happy with where I am at. Plan now to work hard with the band. First change my plate to a side one, which h will make it look more full than over filling normal one. Also been told to aim for 800 calories a day and use them wisely i.e veg, meat first, potato last. Also told to give up bread which I can still eat no problem. Have been over filled in the past, to the point where damage to asophgus happened which resulted in all fluid removed, all weight regained and 4 months with no restriction. So here’s to a new start, just going to put the past 4 years behind me and try to remain positive. Thank you all for your support and its been a great help to log on and read all your comments. Thanks for listening.
Love Rosie xx

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