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Re: Strict Enough?

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@Kitten 28273 wrote:

I think I am at the stage of looking at what has and has not worked for me in the past, and trying to apply evidence to my future decision. In the past I had to virtually starve to stay at 7.5 stone, so now Im thinking that in the future will I almost have to starve again to stay at a reasonable weight (now probably about 9-10 stone would be a good weight for me I think) Im now 5ft 3 and 13stone 10. Im just testing what the dietitian says by eating a bit more than I have been the past 3 months to see if I can still loose weight this way, its very scary when someone says to eat more, when usually to loose weight you are told to eat less. Now in between the 7.5 stone and the 13 stone 10, obviously I had to be eating rubbish, but not as a volume eater, just like Doodah was not a volume eater, it just seems to have snuck up on me, and I give up too easily on the past weightwatchers etc. Thanks to Doodah and Paul for their insight.

I’m 5′ 3″ and have not been 7.5st since I was 12. I think that is far too low for an adult, even shorties like us.

I weigh just under 11st, am a size 12/14 and think it is a perfectly natural and normal weight/size for an adult female. I don’t have to work at it either. I just stay there (give or take a few pounds as we women do.)

Can I be really honest here? I don’t 13st 10lbs is that heavy. I think if you aim for 10st you only have just short of 4 to lose. I had three years of therapy before my surgery and it taught me why I used food to self-medicate. If I hadn’t been super-morbidly obese with a BMI of 64, I would have tackled it via diet. I had no other choice but wls as I would probably have died before I lost that 15st (was given 3-5 years to live)

What I’m saying is, that you are right to question whether wls is for you. However, don’t do what I did and keep putting it off and then ‘suddenly’ realise you have almost eaten yourself to the point of death. Yours is a very different story to most of the people on this forum as you don’t have a colossal amount to lose like many of us.

I’m not trying to talk you out of it. All I’m saying is – think very, very hard about it. It is major, life-changing surgery and as such deserves major consideration. I’m always honest Kitten so that sometimes means I say things people might not want to hear. There is NEVER any malice intended I promise you. I just want all you guys to be certain about what you are intending to do. Wls isn’t easy – it’s not the easy way out you read about in the media. It is the last chance for some of the heaviest and sickest people who might otherwise lose the battle against obesity and all the associated health troubles that arise from it.

Hope I haven’t upset you. I would never intentionally be negative to anyone but I think with under 5st to lose, you should be totally sure about having wls. We will all support you on here no matter how you decide to lose your weight: because no way is easy.

Doodah x

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