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Re: Streamline South Coast Support Group – new venue.

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Hello my lovelies. I have been thinking about how to move forward with the (much bigger) group.
It was agreed that, when many members are present, the following guidelines should apply. Most apply even if there are only a few members present. We hope you will agree that they are constructive.
Last week’s group was very different but normal service will be resumed! The idea is that the experts will come along at the beginning for no more than half an hour, then it will be business as usual.
If there is anything you wish to add, please let us know. The information in this post will also be posted in the Files section.
South Coast Support Group rules/guidelines
* What is said in group, stays in group, including on the Facebook page.
* We do not discuss members who are not present unless we have been
given permission to do so.
* No chatting or interrupting when someone else is speaking.
* No one is obliged to talk.
* No clinical advice is to be given or taken by any group member
* Be kind to everyone, including yourself.
* Be supportive
* Listen
* No judgement
* Have fun and make new friends!

Doodah x

ps Once you have visited the new group, you can be added to the Facebook private group. We need to physically meet you for matters of confidentiality as, in a previous group, someone actually turned out to be a journalist!

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