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Re: Strange feeling in my throat?

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@triedeverything 28361 wrote:

Tonight after eating my dinner I felt something was stuck in my throat? I’ve cleared my throat over and over again tried drinking and eating something but it’s still there and feels horrible. I’ve googled it and various differing views from post nasal drip to acid reflux to eosophical cancer!

So it’s been feeling like this stuck problem like a small pill that won’t go down for 4 hours and counting. Any ideas what it might be I have no history of gastric reflux but I did eat a fairly big meal with a glass of wine (before my pre-op milk diet starts next week) soi really don’t know? I do hope it goes away and won’t affect my surgery day on the 21st?

Hi again

You know what? I think it could be nerves. I can’t offer that as any sort of diagnosis as I am NOT a clinician. However, whenever I get nervous – I mean REALLY nervous and I’m trying to kid myself that I am not, I get the feeling that I need to clear my throat all the time too! Other people have said they do too and some even develop a sort of ‘cough’.

How is it now? I’m almost certain that it won’t affect your surgery in the slightest but if you are still concerned call your GP and ask him or her what they think.

I know it’s a scary and exciting period in your life right now but Oh MY LIFE it is so going to be worth it. Try to see the bigger picture (not the bigger you as you will be shrinking!) and remember why you are doing this – so that you can stop worrying about your weight (and the impact it might have on your future health) and start living the life you have always wanted and deserved.

let us know how you get on ok?

Doodah x

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