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@bikerchris 33510 wrote:

Hi All

I thought I’d better update this thread because, amazingly, it is nearly 12 months since I had my op. I’m popping to Harrow for my annual review on 8th April (I say popping, it is actually 200 miles!) and I think that it was 8th April 2014 that I started the milk diet.

I am a fairly regular poster on this forum so I won’t bore you all with a long update, but suffice to say the word grateful does not even begin to cover how I feel about my new life post wls. My weight loss was astonishing at first, averaging about a stone a month, then it slowed right down and it has taken since January to get my last stone off but I am now at the weight I set myself before I had my op. I have lost in total just over 10 stone. I started with a BMI of 45, it is now 24.5 and I feel amazing and very healthy. I was told at the outset there was no guarantee that I’d lose all my excess weight but I’m delighted that I have been able to do so.

We talk a lot on this forum about how wls isn’t a “cheat” and how we have to work hard and overcome difficulties and I do agree it has not always been an easy ride. I have to say though that so long as I stick to the rules, living after wls is a damn sight easier that some of the other ridiculous things I have done in the past to try (and fail) to manage my weight.

Chris x

You have done brilliantly, you must be so proud of yourself

Lelly x

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