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Re: Still Waiting :Cry:

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@Gill123 32613 wrote:

Thanks everyone for your replies. Im waiting for Chris Pring at St Richards and its almost 5 months now since my all day assessment. Just feel “in limbo” yet fear the call lol.


We all know exactly what you mean about waiting for yet fearing the call at the same time! It’s completely natural to feel like that in my humble opinion.

Forgive me if this sounds like I am trying to teach granny to suck eggs, but have you made phone contact with them regularly? Like, every week regularly? I think even hearing how you are progressing up the list helps with the waiting. I didn’t wait long but I was a very poorly woman indeed at the time. As the very wise Paul has said, the goalposts are constantly being moved so what was accurate six months ago could be totally wrong now.

I do so hope that you get some concrete timeframe soon – as you say, being in limbo is awful. Please keep in touch. It’s always best to talk about how you are feeling, especially to people who understand 100%.

Doodah x

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