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Re: Starting milk diet Friday – gastric band op 10th August…

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@LizzieDripping 24941 wrote:

I’m really excited, but very nervous, to be starting the milk diet in a few days and having band surgery next week! I’ve read virtually all the posts on the forum over the past couple of weeks, I think! Trying to be better prepared by reading everyone’s experiences but keeping in mind that we’re all different… Still worried though, I don’t know anyone who has had weight loss surgery so relying on everyone here to help with the wobbles! :shocked:

Hi Lizzie and welcome to the friendliest forum ever!

Woo Hoo, surgery next week! That is so exciting. I loved doing the milk diet for two main reasons: a) it’s so simple and b) it is the actual beginning of the journey. Try to use the pre-op diet time as a warm up for the big race (sticking with the Olympic analogy here!) rather than seeing it as a chore. It will put you in exactly the right mindset for the task ahead.

When you think about it, the weight loss surgery journey is very much like the Olympics: warm-up and preparation followed by training, then the event, then the finish line. Each section is important for the chance of winning a medal. I personally would also like to add that even if you don’t ever reach your ‘ideal’ weight (I never even had one in mind) Bronze or Silver is not to be sniffed at! I weigh more than my ‘ideal’ because I’m short but you know what, I’m happy with my Silver medal ;-))

Doodah x

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