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Re: Stand still already!!!

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Aha the devil scales…….
We do becomme somewhat addicted to the loosing lbs and forget to realise when were not loosing weight were loosing inches….

At 4-5 weeks out all of the meds from the op will be out of your system so the body might becomme a little confused, heck its been in starvation mode for a good few wekks let it rebel a little, it wont be for long…. honest it wont.

Hide the scales, weigh weekly fornightly or monthly but not daily, it only adds to the allready emotional trip your on….
Monthlies and personal issues all take their toll….
So find some time for you, relax in a hot bubble bath and find some quite time away from the hustle and bustle of it all….

Your by far from done, just going throught the same stage most of us do…

Its normal….. just dont be down thingking your doing anything wrong…… 🙂

Be sure to take you time….. its important…

Buzz xxx

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