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Re: Squeakyfruitbat’s Weight Loss Journey

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@Copey 22053 wrote:

Anyone have any idea whether a little pesto with chicken and a little wholewheat pasta is a bad idea? I know it’s quite high fat but not sure if a tsp or two in the pasta is unwise? Thx

Pasta can be problematic, even wholwheat because it can continue to swell in the stomach after eating. As for pesto, a little caution should be taken with it due to the high fat content, albeit ‘good’ fats. It’s all really a case of trial and quite a bit of error in the early stages if you try to rush things along. It’s tedious having to re introduce foods back into your diet but it is far better to err on the side of caution than keep pushing things then not feeling too good. I found that if I was sick more than once with something, I din’t try it again for another month. I never got there with rice or red meat. I’m now vegetarian and still cant eat rice almost 4 years post op. Small price to pay though for a better life 😉

Doodah x

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