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Re: Squeakyfruitbat’s Weight Loss Journey

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Feeling pretty good. Been back at work for 3 weeks and have lost 2 stone 5llbs (that was on 1st april) scales are hidden as I was becoming a little obsessive!!

I have not struggled with food at all and am now on solids at the advice of the dietician – had my first cherry tom post op alst night !! Yum YUm

I will say that I am not someone who lost their appetite! This really scared me to start with and I can eat more than some – but it has been explained to me that as a revision from a band this is normal. It has taken a lot of willpower not to eat anything bad/overeat but the further I am out the more I am learning how to work with my pouch and it’s going great. (ask me that at 3am when i’m having a freak out and you might get a different answer !!). It is ceratinly a learning journey – you expect one thing and get another. I get hungry and have head hunger but I am very proud of myself for dealing with this – I can proudly say I have not eaten 1 crisp/chococlate item of crap food for 9 weeks today !! I am getting in over 2 litres of fluids a day and I have to say my skin looks amazing – this is actaully the one thing that people have commented on most – and for someone who’s always had spots this in itself is such a boost !
I am attending my weekly counselling and exercise and am regualrly talking to a dietician as i know i need this support to keep me on the straight and narrow

All in all pretty positive (with a few wobbles on the way !!)

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