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Re: Squeakyfruitbat’s Weight Loss Journey

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Just thought i’d post to say how great it’s going…first few days i was in pain with my tummy muscles and got a little frustrated as i felt really well but couldn’t do anything…but every day just gets better and better.Bit tired and sore but feel really well, my spotty skin is really clear and other than the fact that puree food is just not great !!(I had to bin my puree chicken thighs…bleugghhh, even my cat wouldn’t eat it !!) i’m doing good, and anyway puree food is only for another 2.5 weeks so i can hack that !!
Using My Fitness Pal to track food which i’m finding really helpful as I do feel it’s a military missions at the mo to get all the liquid in, have all the gaps before /after eating… this app does have calories on it and this is a good and bad thing….I can be a little obsessional but to ease my mind i called the dietician at St Richards today who was lovely and reassured me it’s all fine (getting in 30-50g protein in a day and about 500-800kcals). Managing about a ramekin of food at each meal and have managed a really good variety – i recommend puree mousakka – this is very tasty !
All in all pretty good, lost 13 pounds on milk diet and another 9 in the last 11 days so pretty please with that !! (had put on 2 when i came out of hospital!! not bad !!)
So far so good, hope everyone else is having a good journey ! xxx

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