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Re: Squeakyfruitbat’s Weight Loss Journey

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Hey all not been on for a while life is sooo busy!!!
Just a little update… Weighed in today and since start of milk diet on 9th feb I’ve lost 3 stone 1lb!! Whoop whoop!!! Slow , but I knew it would be r than some as I had revision from a band… But it’s going down!!! I got out my weight watchers card last night … Over 6 months I officially achieved putting on 4 pounds… Clearly I needed more help!!! Lol.. It’s been hard work , I get hungry, I don’t think I dump as I can enjoy fruit , however I have stuck to my diet so blinking stubbornly some days I do feel like I might explode… But the feeling goes and is replaced by a feeling of achievement a real self worth that I have done it!!! Little old me did it with a little old help from my pouch.. I was sooooo scared it wouldn’t work and I’d mess it up .. But so far so good… Even started the NHS couch to 5k in 9 weeks challenge today with my sis…. We look baaaaddddd trying to run!!!!
Hope everyone is doing ok xxxxx

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