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Re: Spikeyjaycee’s bypass blog….

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Well. after my gallbladder op was postponed, I contacted my hospital and wad told that the recenet scan had shown up shadows that they were sure of what they were so they referred me to St Thomas’ in London for an endosopy (Nothing local then – lol) and yesterday was the day. Should have realised nothing would be straight forward when we tried to get off the train at Clapham Junction to get a connecting train to Wateloo – the train doors wouldn’t open at all for anybody! We ended up going in Victoria and getting on another train back out to Clapham Junction. It was also raining as well! I should add at this point that I’d had problems just trying to find out if St Thomas’ had even received my referral – the first one didn’t arrive and had to be sent again. Then trying to contact the hospital last week I was told to leave a message then told I couldn’t leave a message cos the mailbox was full! This did not bode well. Anyway back to St Thomas. We were told that even though my appt was at 1.30pm we should allow a whole afternoon for the procedure and follow up cos they can get busy. As it turns out we got there early, I was in by 1.10pm and out just after 2.30pm. If you don’t know what an endoscopy entails its basically where they sedate you, then shove a camera down your throat to see whats going on in your stomach. I said to the assessment nurse it is on my notes that I’ve had a gastric bypass. No. it seems the referring letetr didn’t mention that. So after having the camera put down my throat which leaves your throat feeeling like you have 2 bog lumps there, I was taken to recovery. After a cup of tea and a biscuit the consultant came to see me. Now it seems that the procedure had been a waste of time because the camera couldn’t get to the bottom of my stomach because of my bypass!!! Now why hadn’t someone thought this one through????? I’d seen 3 different consultants since the original gallstones episodes first started and each time I had stated I’d had a gastric bypass – surely one of them would have made a note of it!!! So I asked the consultant yesterday what happens now. It gets referred back to my original consultant and after that….who knows??? Whether they will still take my gall bladder out I don’t know. I just know that after yesterday I felt really p****d off. Why don’t department talks to each other….Why is it always the patient who ends up suffering???? I wll keep yopu posted as to any developments. I have to say that this episode strengthens the arguement for having your gall bladder taken out at the same time as you have the bypass. It would save an awful lot of problems later on……..

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