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Re: Spikeyjaycee’s bypass blog….

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Well after meeting alot of lovely people at the Tea Party yesterday I was asked why I hadn’t updated people with my progress with food, gallstones etc. Thanks Ms Elle (I think it was) who has reminded me to bring you all up to date. So here goes:
I now have a date for my gall bladder to be removed – Weds 1 Sept. Originally they wanted to operate on 11 August – 3 days before the tea party!!! I asked for it to be moved back cos nothing was gonna stop me getting to that tea party! So Sept 1 is operation No 2 day. I don’t know – no operations for 43 years, then 2 in the same year – bit like buses eh? lol. I don’t suffer too bad with pain cos of the gall baldder – my side aches a bit at times – a bit like a stitch. It could also be the 3 trips to the gym a week and the 2 mile walk home every night!! Six months ago that would have been an impossible task…!! Food wise, well bread is a definite nono. A few weeks back I thought I’d give it a go and had 2 slices of wholemeal toast for breakfast one Friday morning. By the afternoon I was feeling uncomfortable and by the Saturday evening I was back at A & E after trying everything to unblock myself. Sennokot, lactolose, sugar free sweets, even a suppository up the backside (and that is an experience I would not like to repeat!) – but nothing would shift it. It was like trying to pass an elephant through the eye of a needle! A & E said I was doing all I could – it would just take time. I was in a lot of discomfort though cos I couldn’t walk, stand, sit – it was a nightmare. On Monday I went to the doctors and he gave me movicol. Although befoe I went to see him things had started ‘moving’. In fact my poor toilet saw what was coming and tried to run and hide….too late…it got it full in the face! I took the movicol and things did ease abit although my poor bum!! Now I’ve learnt not to hold it if I need the toilet (which I guess I did do beforehand). If its been a few days and I haven’t gone then I would take a movical just to help things along. I’m hoping after my gall bladder is taken out things will get back to normal. I’m a bit apprehensive about having the gall bladder op at Eastbourne DGH. After St Richards its like having beefburger when you’ve tasted steak! I’m hoping the fact I’ve lost 6.5 stone in weight will also help with the op and the recovery time. So there you have it……….I will post again after my gall bladder op to let you know how I got on. Thanks for listening. TTFN. Julie x

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