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Re: Sparklepumpkin before and after photo

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@830830 31207 wrote:

Hi Doodah!
I hope you had a lovely weekend too!!
I had a lovely wkend getting out and about and managed an hour and a half at a neighbours party on Saturday night.
Boy oh boy! was I tired the next day!
So I took it easy and today I walked around town and then walked around my neighbourhood when I drove home, reaching 9,500 steps today!
I phoned the team this morning, because I was so constipated and was wondering when to have my beloved yogurt!
They advised me to eat more in my ramekin dish as I was on a very weeny portion at the bottom and I felt like wls had come to a grinding halt.
I can now have a snack if I want. Yippee!!
I’m not hungry ever but I miss the selection as I’m only eating off the recommended suggestion menu grid – I’m only 16 days post opp.
So I feel I have some alternatives to think about over the next 2 weeks while on the puree stage.
I’m happy and feel well fed.
Hopefully my energy won’t be so low tomorrow!- yep! I’m impatient!!
Hope things are going well for you too .
Julie xxx

Hey, get you – going to a party on a Saturday night! Could you ever have imagined that you would be able to do that so soon after your surgery? You will have days where you are exhausted for no apparent reason but remember, you are asking an awful lot of your body at the moment just by sitting down! You have made huge changes in a very short space of time and your body will struggle some days to catch up.

I think the one thing that stood out for me after my bypass was the not feeling hungry. I always ate too much of the wrong foods but not massive portions if that makes sense? Then, all of a sudden, it was tiny portions of healthy food! My poor body didn’t know what had hit it so I had many exhausted days. You all know what I did about them – I was kind to myself.

You are making excellent progress. You looked fantastic last week. The change in that short amount of time is incredible. It takes time for both our bodies and minds to catch up so simply allow it to dictate what happens for a while longer. I’m so happy for you. Everything has gone so well for you hasn’t it? Even if you are an impatient patient lol!

Doodah x

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