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Re: Sleeve 21st may

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@triedeverything 28512 wrote:

How did you get on with the milk diet Selena? I found it not as bad as I thought but today I had a very painful BM (sorry TMI) so need to take some stool softeners, wasn’t expecting that on milk but I suppose there is no fibre being consumed. At least things are moving which is better than not.

So I’m packing my case today and driving down to Portsmouth this evening to be admitted the night before surgery as I’m first on the list tomorrow. It’s very exciting although I am a little nervous.

I haven’t told 2 of my friends who I see a lot because they are very gossipy and I don’t want the world to know. It’s awkward as it’s my birthday on Friday and they kindly keep texting me asking if I have plans (I normally go out on my birthday) and I have been evasive to say the least! As it happens I may still be in hospital but maybe not? Wondering if I can pull of this ‘big secret’? I really don’t want them to know!

Anyway Selena are you ok, are you nervous? What time is your surgery tomorrow have you been told yet?

You know what? Surgery is a private and personal matter so why SHOULD you discuss with with them? You could always tell them you are having GI (gastro intestinal surgery) and play the ‘not quite sure’ card as to what will be done specifically. Not that you should have to of course. It’s nobody’s business but yours. I shouted about my surgery from the rooftops but that’s just the way I am lol!

Not long to go now. So very excited for you and really looking forward to hearing all about it as we don’t have many ‘sleevers’ on here 😉

Keep in touch and the very best of British luck to you 🙂

Doodah x

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