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Re: Shoulder pain 6 mths post band

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@Tilds36 27088 wrote:

I am experiencing excruciating shoulder pain pretty much every day around about 10am for an hour or so. Am taking Windeze as suspect it is wind related as its my left shoulder and also nurofen and eventually it eases. Seems to happen more on an empty stomach and when I have walked for 15-20 mins beforehand. Pain is very sharp and sometimes comes under my ribs on the left as well.

Has anyone else experienced this?



Hi Tilds.

If you are at all worried about the pain, I suggest you contact your team.

Like Natalie said, it’s most likely caused by either wind or not chewing your food enough but if it is causing you distress, contacting your team is the wisest move.

Hope you get it sorted.

Doodah x

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