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Re: Should I call? When should I call?

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@Vickster 33166 wrote:

One thing that you will get to know about me is that I do like a good analogy! I am quite a visual thinker, so it really helps, although a lot of people think that I am bonkers!

That really did help, thank you! I have a couple of things that I want to ask, so will try and give them a call after work today.

Do you know what, it is really weird to be treated by professionals with dignity and respect in terms of my weight, really not used to it!

I remember my very first consultation like it was yesterday: mainly for the reason you have stated. Being treated like a ‘normal’ person and receiving no judgement. From anyone. And being listened to! What an absolute joy. Yet, when you think about it, how awful that we didn’t expect or demand that for ourselves – all because of our weight. It’s shocking really when you think about it.

I can’t wait to hear all about how you feel about being ‘normal’ again. I have to warn you – it takes a great deal of getting used to! I’m sure the others will agree. You have to learn how to take compliments without wondering if someone is being snide or ‘just saying it’ to be nice. Lots of psychological changes to come. But we will all be here to help you. We are your sounding board.

Continue to expect dignity and respect as the norm. You do NOT have to justify yourself to anyone. You have done nothing wrong! PLUS, you are trying to rectify a health problem that you simply need help with. If you broke your leg, a caste would help so why is wls any different?

Anyway, before I get all soap boxy, I will simply say – YOU ARE WORTH IT! We all are 🙂

Doodah x

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