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@bikerchris 32975 wrote:

I’ve been giving some thought to those words about deserving better and to be honest, I used to put up with all sorts of things because I thought I wasn’t worth better. I know obesity and low self esteem go hand in hand but why should I put up with a job I don’t like, clothes that don’t fit or flatter and even some people who think it’s ok to be rude to fat people.

Now I’m not one for new year resolutions because I always break them, but I’ll make an exception here. I’m no longer going to put up with stuff when I deserve better. Anyone else joining me in that?

Chris x

100% I’m going to join you. I got a telling off from my GP yesterday for not going to see her sooner as I don’t like to be a ‘bother’. She reminded me that last time I did that, I ended up in A&E with Pneumonia. I had to be signed off work for two weeks!

So, lets all make a promise to ourselves rather than a resolution ( I’ve nicked the first bit of this saying!) – WE ARE WORTH IT: not worthless.

I feel better about myself already!

Doodah x

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