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Re: Shopping in the sales

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@Lelly 32966 wrote:

Oh how lovely to buy clothes that you want to wear and to not buy purely as they fit (ish), that must be a wonderful feeling. I decided that I would be good this Christmas, so had my dinner on a tea plate and although I had a bit of chocolate I have been very restrained, gained 4lbs though ARGHHH! The 16th January is drawing close, frightened and excited……

You are doing fine Lelly – you have ‘owned up’ to a few naughty foods so to speak and it was Christmas after all!

You will soon be hitting the summer sales and your little head will swivel like an owls as there will be so much choice!! I wish I could bottle that feeling and give a little sip to everyone considering or waiting for wls. It is such a wonderful feeling to be pootling round the supermarket and going past the clothing then thinking ‘Ooh, I like that, I’m going to buy it’ then putting it in your trolley, getting it home and putting it on…..and it FITS. just like that. Like magic!! Then, realising that what you have saved on food has paid for your clothes!! Heaven right there on a hanger!

I’m so excited for you. Woo Hoo!

Doodah x

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