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Re: Shocked

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@treeza 29465 wrote:

A Friend has just shown me an article from a new paper about a 2 year old little boy who weighed 5 stone was given the sleeve operation after 2 attempts to get him to lose weight! I’m gobsmacked that the doctors even considered doing this op on such a little one!

Just because it can be done doesn’t always mean it should be. I just think they should have tried more to help him & his parents do it another way.
When your my age & tried just about everything going it’s such a big decision for us & our surgeons.

I posted that news article on my facebook wall because I found it so shocking. You are so right about it being an absolute last resort Treeza. We mature people who decide to go for wls have usually gone down every other avenue first. Poor little lad. Major surgery at such a young age 🙁

Doodah x

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