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Re: Shocked

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@Paul-H 29472 wrote:

The bigger issue is that as a 2 year old his parents have total 100% control over what he eats, I dose not matter how much he says he is hungry the parents can control how much he eats, its not like he is able to pop down the Pizza shop or pick the phone up and order a take away is it. The parents are totally to blame.

They will now be setting about how to sabotage him now he has had this surgery, Liquefied Pizza and chocolate all around in that house I bet.


Unfortunately Paul, I think you may be right.

To a certain extent, doesn’t every severely overweight person have a ‘feeder’ in their lives? Whether it be out of love or concern or (the most insidious of all) power. As adults we have the choice of whether or not we eat junk. Small children like this boy have no choice. Like you say, they cannot shop for their own food. But, and this is the $64,000 question, do you really think they will sabotage their boy’s life and health by giving him blended junk food? Surely that is tantamount to abuse? Or is he clever enough to be able to manipulate his parents to the degree that they will give him whatever he asks for regardless of the risks?

As adults, even if a ‘feeder’ bought us junk food, we would still have the choice whether or not to eat it – even if it is an addiction. Children (and let’s face it, this boy is still a baby) have no choice. Whichever way you look at it, the parents must accept responsibility surely? Either they are giving in to ‘pester power’ (children are masters of it) or they do not realise the consequences of their actions.

Crikey, I’m sorry this reply is so long! It’s just that it is such an important subject. The health and general welfare of future generations should be in the top three priorities in life. I have the sad feeling that it might not be so anymore for some people….

Doodah x

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