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Re: Selfish

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@treeza 30153 wrote:

Could cry today! Have sore throat & street if cold having just had 3 days of the worst toothache ever! Now at work :0( add into that the lost of a so called good friend who hasn’t once asked how I am or commented on my weight loss!!! Heartbroken & know I should just move on but it so hard! People I barely know are saying such wonderful things & yet someone I thought of as family can’t bring themselves to be happy for me!

It is HEARTBREAKING Treeza and you have every right to feel upset. What you are actually feeling is bereavement. Someone you thought was loyal and true has turned out not to be so. As you know, I have experienced this several times and it sort of gets a bit easier but it never stops hurting.

All I can say to you is this – your happiness and improved health is an obvious threat to your ‘friend’. That person is no friend of yours and never has been. Some people need a ‘fat’ friend to make themselves feel better. They don’t deserve your tears, thoughts or regrets. See them for what they are and learn from it. Don’t give your heart away so easily next time – let people EARN it. The friends who are delighted for you are keepers. Find more like that.

You deserve better. Demand better. Expect better. YOU ARE WORTH MORE.

Give yourself a big hug (along with one from me) and feel thankful that you found out what they were really like.

Doodah x

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