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Re: Seem to have lost my way

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Hi Vicky.

I too am not a bandster but know several people who are. The two things that they have used to get their weight loss back on track are: food diaries and (boring but true) exercise. I know one band patient who has lost 11 stones and yet hadn’t thought to start a food diary until it was mentioned on Streamline’s Facebook page! She now writes down what she eats daily so that she can see where her ‘danger zones’ are and at what times. We humans are very much creatures of habit and resist change fiercely so it makes sense to see in black and white with what, where and why we slip up. It’s a great habit to start as it is like looking at your own reflection and seeing things clearly.

As for exercise – boring I know but Oh my goodness it can jump-start your metabolism like nothing else. It also has the added benefit of improving our mood. My dear friend John Taylor has started exercising seriously (he’s just had his first opiversary) and lost 5.5 last week! He is also so upbeat, he’s like a young boy: full of the joys of spring lol!

I do hope the tips we offer are useful. I’m certain other bandsters will come up with better tips but I hope these help a little.

Doodah x

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