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Re: Second fill heres hoping!

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@Doodah 27621 wrote:

LOL! Don’t be scared, just focus on eating as slowly as possible. One of my friends who is a band patient, uses a timer to work to. She sets it for 20 mins and makes sure she makes her food last that long. She chews every single mouthful 20 times too. Up till now, nothing has stuck. It works for her so maybe try it and see? It’s not always possible to set a timer unless you have a phone that has that sort of function but it might help to establish a better way of eating so that in the end you won’t need the timer? By the way, I’m a bypasser and even after almost 5 years, I ate my dinner too fast the other evening – boy was it horrible. Frothing for 20 mins then had to get it up. Stupid, stupid mistake made because I left eating my dinner too late. We will forever live and learn :-/

Doodah x

Cheers for the chewing 20 times tip Doodah and the timer i think i will do that as well, i keep looking on here at people who are having revision surgery and personally i never want to go through weight loss surgery ever again in my life i’m even struggling with the idea of skin removal at a later date now cos i just dont like surgery and with the band being my first surgery ever it will also be my last lol at the moment.
Would love to come see u next time im home in Portsmouth you are an inspiration and reading some of the stuff you write on here helped me last week when i was really low following surgery xxxxxxxx

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