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Re: scrapbook/folder

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@Bluebutterflier 22599 wrote:

I am still debating between doing a Notebook/scrapbook with monthly pictures and bmi/weight/measurements, perhaps some blogging in there about how difficult or easy I found or find things…OR….I may just save myself loads of time and do it all online on youtube….as i can upload photos, and put them across, etc etc…..then people like my mother (who lives an hour away and is an internet junkie lol) can see it regularly and friends who want to follow me.

Hmmm while writing this I think ive made my decision!

Brilliant idea. One of our fellow wls people (and a close personal friend of mine!) John Taylor has done loads of videos about Streamline Surgical on You Tube. They are hilarious yet at the same time hugely informative. It’s great for all his friends around the country and world to be able to see him shrinking before their very eyes!! He is one of the funniest men I’ve ever met and a great deal of his vids are very tongue-in-cheek (and often a little bit rude) but we look forward to them so much.

Your family and friends will love it!!

Doodah x

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