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@Doodah 33434 wrote:

It’s hard to imagine whilst you are waiting for surgery that within 6 months of having it, people won’t recognise you! It’s the weirdest feeling. Be prepared for people to treat you differently.

I have to admit that, at times, I got quite angry with people who started to listen to what I said more, or were nicer to me JUST because I was beginning to meet THEIR idea of what ‘normal’ looks like. The one time I got really angry and had to say something was when a total stranger pointed out a large woman to me and said ‘Hope I don’t get sat next to that’ in a nudge nudge wink wink way.

Firstly, I was angry because she assumed I would be amused by her remark and secondly, that she could be so vile to another human being. I calmly reminded her that the other woman had paid for her seat and could sit wherever the hell she wanted, then pointed out that a year before, I had been twice the size of the woman she was being so cruel about.

What summed up her lack of integrity was the fact that she didn’t apologise to either me or the other woman but asked ‘Ooh, how did you do it’? Unbelievable! As if I was going to have a conversation with her about my weight!!

Anyway, I digress (again!!) be prepared for the fact that even though you are exactly the same person inside, others will start to see you differently. YOU won’t change – your body will. But it will free you to do all the things you thought you could only ever imagine. It is brilliant and it’s all there waiting for you. Change doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and prepared – but not in a scout way: collecting firewood and putting up a tent haha!

Doodah x

It’s amazing how shallow people can be! Well done you for putting her right Doodah x

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