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@Kimberly 33430 wrote:

Ahh I do feel for you and understand how sad you are and in pain which always makes every one sad. But do you want some ideas or to get the feelings off your chest . Coz some times I just want to moan and have some one listen and other times I want ideas .
I see it was 5 days ago so hopefully your feeling a bit brighter . I do know disappointment of being so close to surgery then having the rug pulled away from you . I failed my anesthetics and had to wait a futher 6 months untill all medics involved were happy to progress . But I only found out after 5 months that the would operate . My advice would be get your self as fit as possible for surgery . I go to aqua areobic and can honestly say it full of people who are all shapes and sizes . I like it becauseonce in the water you can hide and no one see your body also the water cooling when you get hot and sweaty . Also you can work agas hard as you want . I got heart valve disease so at the moment I have to be a bit careful and stop if I’m getting any tightness in my chest . I also got my GP to do an exercise referral which was so helpful . Look on you tube may be their some exercise you can do in your home , arm chair . In the end it seems a long time but in reality it’s not , it’s really close by christmass you could have lost so much weight that people will not recognise you xx

Thank you Kimberly, I know that you are hidden in the water but it is the getting there and going back is where I would be on show, so no I’m afraid. I do try to do as much as possible but everything just hurts so much but I will try and persevere.
Lelly x

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