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@Doodah 33412 wrote:

I completely understand how you are feeling.

I have had tooth/jaw pain for over 18 months and haven’t even seen a consultant yet. I’ve lost 4 teeth, had two root canals done, been on 11 courses of antibiotics and take morphine for the pain. By the time I see someone at the hospital, it will be almost 2 years. It DRAGS you down. It really does.

However, I think the trick is to only let it get to you every so often. I had a day of feeling utterly miserable yesterday. But this morning I have decided to tell it to bog off and leave me alone as I have so much else to do – moving house again in two weeks for one! I have no idea how I am going to manage it as my asthma is terrible at the moment, so I can only give it my best shot.

I truly believe that a positive attitude brings about positive things. Use this time to get as fit as you possibly can for surgery. It makes such a difference. What about going swimming? It will ease your joints and give you a thorough workout to boot. I only learned to swim a few years ago and I love it now (still wont go in the deep end though haha) my joints are relieved, it’s good for asthma and it calms the nerves.

Anyway Lelly, even though it is really difficult, try to remember that things always happen for a reason. Your surgery will happen at the RIGHT time for you. Keep your chin up chicken.

Doodah x

Thanks pet I am better, it is not everyday that I get down but when I do I feel very sorry for myself. I am far to fat to go swimming, I really could not show myself like that as my body is disgusting. I will do however when I have lost my weight and skin but till then I shall just try and wait patiently. I have now got a stinking cold……bloody hell it never rains but it pours does it.
Poor you, why on earth have you had to wait so long, that is terrible. I hope your move goes well and don’t overdo it, ask friends to help. Thank you again for caring x

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