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Re: Reflections – 7 months out

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@squeakyfruitbat 25601 wrote:

7 Months and 5 days post op

Well everyone today I am 7 months and 5 days post op. I’m sitting at my desk (it’s a little quiet hence why I’m typing this !) wearing a beautiful size 16 dress from White Stuff , my lovely ankle boots , large (not XTRA Large!!) tights and I’m feeling pretty good!!. I’ve lost 6 stone and 2 pounds and gone from an unknown 24-26 size??? To a size 16 -18. I can walk everywhere fast and in the last week 2 customers failed to recognise me and a guy at my office who I only pass periodically asked me if I was new! I’ve been here seven years. I weigh 14 stone and 10 lbs and still going down (a little slower now). And I wanted to be 14 stone something for my Wedding in December!! I wanted a size 16 wedding dress…so all in all I’m feeling pretty self congratulatory!!!

It’s been a roller coaster journey. No medical problems at all …psychologically for me it’s been a hard journey…I’m seeing a counsellor and I feel that through all the ups and downs there is now a light…I feel different about food. I’ve worked really hard at the psychological side; I’ve kept a food diary every day since my op. I spend a lot of time talking to myself about how I feel, why I feel it. I have down days, I no longer smoke, I no longer over eat and I have HAD to learn new coping methods…it’s not easy and it’s a life long journey but with support I feel I can finally manage it. My surgery has really helped me with the physical side of not eating too much however I’m not someone with massive restriction, I get hungry, I can overeat so I have had to work hard to get here…but I’m glad I did because now I feel a lot more in control.

I think the best example is that my colleagues have a cooked breakfast once a month on a Friday. I did a deal with myself that once I’d lost 6 stone I’d treat myself…well today was the day. I strode off to the canteen and choose – 6 items and toast for £3.10…well I ended up with 3 bits of bacon 2 sausages and an egg and toast – wanted to get my monies worth, I knew I didn’t want the greasy hash browns or the fried mushrooms. When I got back I ate 2 bacon medallions half a slice of toast and half a sausage… and I enjoyed it…I didn’t feel the need to wolf the lot (I physically couldn’t). I felt pleased with my treat, enjoyed it and will be eating a chicken salad for lunch…no shame or guilt. not feeling like I’d fallen off the wagon…just normal enjoyment of a food treat!! This is a vey big step for me !!

So I just thought I’d share that little gem…the hard work is paying off and I hope that I can continue on and on and on…….

THANK YOU so much for taking the time out to post this. It is absolutely wonderful. I now can’t wait to see pics of you in your wedding dress looking absolutely radiant! You have worked so hard and you deserve every single ounce of happiness you have gained through losing weight and feeling healthier.

Inspirational :-))

Doodah x

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