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Re: Recovery time from bypass

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@LISA 32853 wrote:

Huge comfort eater,did anyone struggle with this after surgery?

We were probably all ‘comfort eaters’ at some point Lisa.

You will find, in the early stages that you won’t be interested in food as you simply won’t be hungry. Your tastes may also change. The beauty of the bypass is that, even if you try to eat rubbish you won’t be able to as you will be ‘punished’ for it with dumping syndrome! Believe me, it is bad enough to put you of certain foods for life! Right guys?

Take the time when you have no interest in food to try new things. Also, take up a new hobby to distract you. We all think ‘bad’ food is our best friend when in fact it is absolutely our worst enemy. Then, when the weight starts to fall off, you will realise that nothing tastes as good as being healthy and happy FEELS 😉

Doodah x

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