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Re: Raspberry Ketone

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Hi Eilish

Sorry to hear that you are struggling after your revision surgery. If I were you, I would contact your team/GP and dietitian before resorting to taking something you have read about on the internet. Goodness knows what you might actually be taking and you will have little or no redress when/if it doesn’t work.

Sorry to appear negative but if it were me, I’d leave Raspberry Ketone well alone. Ketosis is the state which diabetics find themselves in before they go into a hypo and is the principle behind the Atkins diet. Sure, you will lose weight but it’s not good for you and the minute you stop taking it you will regain every single ounce you have lost and they will bring along 10 friends with them.

Please let us know how you get on. Sorry there is no easy solution to weight lsoo, even after wls. It’s not a magic wand, despite what the media and general public think 🙂

Doodah x

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