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Re: Rachmz’s Weight Loss Surgery

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Having had the band (now bypass) I can understand how bored you are with the food you’re eating. I just couldn’t face it at all after bypass until I realised the food they tell you to have is all sweet i.e. stewed fruit, yog, slimfast and the like. I then switched to savoury stuff as in home made soups which I’d had for the pre-op diet and the change was amazing. Never really been a sweet stuff lover and it took me about 5 days to twig after I’d got to the stage of prefering not to eat it than eat it. Make yourself up some nice veg soup with loads of veg and then blend it all up and water it down with milk if it’s too thick. It’s amazing how nice it is. My fav was pureed roast chicken dinner watered down with milk – believe me, it’s heaven on your taste buds after all that sweet stuff. Think it was the stuffing taste that did it for me lol.

Are you feeling hungry or is it head hunger? I had a bad head hunger day yesterday and the old demons came back and I was disgusted with myself for eating a bag of crisps but they made me feel a bit odd for a while so back on track today thank god.

Re the vits, I wasn’t ever on them in the time I had the band but that was back in 2001 so no doubt the advise has changed since then!


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