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@Fionajeweller 33334 wrote:

Yesterday I had a bad day. I woke up and after having a drink i was in extreme pain, this continued with everything I ate and drunk giving acute pain. The previous day I had probably had a bit more sugar than I should have and in the evening had a corn on the cob which was chewy. Today I feel a bit tender but not the same problem. I was not constipated. Any clues?

I am having my 6 months check and I am going to get a blood test this week. When I asked about which blood test I was given a chart which I had not seen before this recommends a vitamin B12 injection every three months, amongst other things. I had only been told about a multi vitamin. Do you all go and have a a B12 injection three monthly, take iron and calcium?

Hi Fiona

Sorry you have been uncomfortable.

I’m not a clinician so cannot give clinical advice. However, I personally was told to take a good quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement, Vitamin D and Calcium supplement. I am a woman ‘of a certain age’ hence the calcium. I’m also on high doses of steroids. Some of us need Vit D3 as we feel the cold so much and don’t bare our skin as much as we used to.

My advice is to contact your bariatric team to get a definite, tailored to you answer. Maybe mention the discomfort too.

Hope you have a good day today.

Doodah x

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