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@SuzieQ 26988 wrote:

Out of interest what is the 5 day pouch test as I’ve never heard of it?

I also see people onhere talking about calories and I’ve never had them mentioned by dieticians so interested in knowing how that has come about for some people.

I too am struggling with cravings for all that is bad for me and it’s certainly emotional eating, I lost my dad two weeks after having bypass and then in August this year my poor mum suffered a deep stroke and is now in a care home slowly dying so these last 21 months haven’t been easy, still I managed to lose 9 stone and I’m just trying to not put any weight back on.

One other question, I’m due to go into hospital on 4 Jan for my first knee replacement and I was trying to find a list of medication that I need to avoid for the sake of my pouch as I know they will be giving me pain relief, also I remember that someone (think it was Buzz) talked about some type of blind tube being a possible problem. Can anyone help by letting me know or by pointing me to the relevent post as I can’t find it! :noidea:

Do you mean the intubation tube Sue?

This is the tube they put down your throat during the op. Some say extra care needs to be taken after a bypass so wear a medi alert bracelet with ‘RNY Gastric Bypass’ on it.

If you think you may need one, here is the link to follow:

MedicAlert Home

They can also be bought on Amazon: medical alert bracelet

Hope that helps.

Doodah x

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