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Hi Jo,

not sure about the first question but the second one I would say whatever you are comfy in. I was left in my lovely designer gown(sugery gown) for the first night and most of the next day till i was allowed to shower. I was lucky I didnt have a drain and by the time they took out the cathater i was allowed to shower straight after so just changed into my pj shorts. I would suggest something comfy as you dont want anything clingy and too tight.

i was in hospital for 3 nights and then at home for 2 weeks. took my time with going back to work as I didnt want to just rush back. after the 2 weeks at home i went back full time and honestly I did find it hard for the first week, just very tired – guess my body was still getting used to the small amounts of food going in. I honestly think 2 weeks off was just about the right amount for me but everyone is different and everyone heals differently as well. Do NOT push yourself, remember you would have had major surgery!!

when are you going in and where and who is doing it???

Take care

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