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Re: Question re periods post bypass

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@Sara* 23813 wrote:

I just wanted to see if any other women noticed changes to their periods after having a gastric bypass done. I am week 7 post op and my period (2nd one since op) has been very heavy and very large clots yesterday and today (sorry if to much information!). I was at work and became light headed, felt weak and started shaking. First aider was called followed by an ambulance which was all very embrassing but they were concerned as op done 7 weeks ago!

At hospital they did a test to make sure i wasn’t pregnant, checked my iron level which was 12 and i was then told to go home and rest and drink plenty of fluids. I have now lost over 4 1/2 stone since the the end of feb and wondered if this change was due to a variation in my hormone levels post op and thought i would check if other people have had a similar experience.


This dilemma has been the subject of other threads on here Sara. It is absolutely the weight loss causing the change in hormone levels. I’m menopausal but had a period last week – the first one in 2 years! You can get help for the sever bleeding from your GP. I used to have to take it when I was having regular periods for exactly the same reasons as you describe here.

By the way, never be fearful of being too graphic: the more honest we are the more we can help others in the same situation 😉

Thank you for sharing this. It will be very, very helpful for other women after wls. Hope you feel tip top again asap too. x

Doodah x

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