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There must be a technical and a very long word to describe it but in my strange mind I put it this way… Self funding, your possibly waiting your own money and not the tax payer… If the NHS were funding you they want to make sure you are going to work with the band/bypass and not abuse it……

I had the band and if I eat to much I’m sick… As the weight comes of you start to enjoy life and want to have a better quality of life… No operation is a magic wand and takes you to play your part… You must very much want to change your life for ever….. Start doing things you always wanted but went to the larder instead… Complete life change and out look on life…. But most of all you really want to work with the op…. It’s not a easy way out… It’s been the hardest diet I’ve been on, but the mist rewarding….. So until a pill is developed that make us thin over night it’s a long hard road ahead…. But look at the successes on this forum and put your head in the right direction and your mind and you can do it.

Good luck and come on the journey of a life time with us

Love John xxxxx

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