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Re: Queen Alexandra Portsmouth

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thank you so much Paul, this is the kind of info I was looking for 🙂

@Paul-H 26099 wrote:

Hi Helen

Well done in getting your funding through, at last.

The Bariatric centre at Portsmouth is quite new, so there may not be to many former patients on here. But I suspect its going to be setup and run just like the one Shaw helped setup at St Richards in Chichester, if it is then its the MDT day first which you have your appointment for and then just Pre-op and surgery day so not too many trips.

Mind you its all the follow up appointments that get you in the end with a 200 odd mile round trip for a 5 minute appointment with the dietician.

One of the main differences between Private and NHS is that the NHS make more checks pre and post surgery to make sure you are not going to waste the money they are spending on you, so Psycological assesments all the way, both before during and after. Private patients dont always get this luxury as it just costs them more money. so some but not all providers do not do much in the way of phsycologial assesments.

Good luck with your appointment, hope it all goes your way.

All the best


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