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Re: putting up weight at 4 weeks post op? :-/

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@bypassingmyweight 15853 wrote:

hi I’m not sleeve I’m bypass 🙂 my dietician said to not exceed 800 calories daily so I assumed just under 600 was fine? yeah I suppose 2 and a half stone is good it’s just you expect more after getting a bypass!
Lily 🙂 x

Hi Lily darling girl,
THIS is exactly WHY Ipost honestly talling pre and early post bypasser’s what CAN happen to TRY to prepare you for it
As I know how soul destroying it can be as I myself eat only between 800 -1000 calories per day and do not lose a single pound and still have 100lbs to go
still i am 27 months post bypass and you are only 1 month
SO I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that your weight loss will continue so please dont feel too upset
but now you can see for yourself all that I was trying to point out
sometimes it is possible to not lose weight to plateau and even to regain pre lost weight
even after a bypass when you eat hardly anything
isn’t it a real head ****???
you will come through it darling we are all here for you
just keep on with diet as you are lucky you are still in the early easy stage so you must have your maximum weight loss now before your weight losses stabalise or even stop completely and your apitite returns and your pouch allows you to eat in far bigger quantaties as your hunger returns
nO ONE ever said it was easy
But you are lucky you are very young so your weight losses should really be great
once your body recovers fully from surgery
you are still recovering this little gain is only a blip
you just wait and see
you’ll do gr8
hope you feel better soon my love

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