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Re: Pureed Foods

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@Ganny 22438 wrote:

I must say I was doing as you are now before my surgery last year and to be honest with you I never used any of them as I it was easier in the end to open a tin of mince or to use the boil in the bag fish, I ate loads of veg cooked really well and mashed down and put with a sauce/gravy, I seemed to live on low fat youghurt and low fat custard and stewed apple, low fat rice pudding went down ok as well, I found that as long as food was cooked well and could be mashed down really and I added sauce/gravy with it it was fine. Porridge and weetabix was another staple food, as I said anything that can be mashed really well and you should be ok.
Elaine xx

Great advice as usual Ganny. I didn’t freeze any of my stuff. I just took a little of what I had made for my family, pureed it with my ‘zizzer’ hand blender, added extra gravy or water and ate that. I made sure that everything I fed my family came within the advised nutritional range and guess what? My husband and daughter both lost weight too! Bonus! My very slim, healthy young son got healthier but didnt lose any weight as I always made sure there was more on his plate! Total win-win situation all round.
Have to say, I stayed on the pureed food quite a bit longer than is advised. I had an ope bypass (10cm wound) and my gall bladder out at the same time so I wanted to make sure that all my insides were healed properly before trying texture. That was entirely a personal decision. I also go back to soup for a week if I have a jippy tum – it’s an amazing healer.

Doodah x

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