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ruby tuesday

Thanks smitdava for the update, so much easier to understand what people are going through when you know what they are eating etc. Most people struggle with the tougher meats I understand, and some cannot tolerate any, so you are doing well to be able to eat what you can. Be careful with re-heating in the microwave if it is meat based, because as I learn’t to my cost, it dries meat out, and you need to be able to add extra gravy to allow it to go down ok.

Here too, some people sprinkle milk powder granules (called Marvel over here) on lots of meals or add to milk drinks for extra protein – havn’t tried that myself as it is early days for me, and milk is often a bit difficult for me to digest anyway. Do you manage a couple of snacks a day too? We are told 3 main (obviously small!) meals daily, and 2 little snacks, and I have pate on a couple of tiny pieces of melba toast, or a smooth peanut butter on the same (supposed to find a no-sugar one, but I couldn’t so just use a little). These are both good for extra protein.

We do have to take vitamin supplements here, just not usual to be told to have protein shakes, I think as I said before, because our surgeons want us to build up to getting adequate nutrition from proper food, but I know they are a big thing in the States. You could always make your own yoghurt smoothies, just adding fruit for the sweetness?

You are further along the line than me, but I know from everyone, the pouch does regularly dislike something out of the blue that it has been fine with before, so don’t worry if that is happening, just keep trying different foods, preferably natural not processed, to make sure your diet expands, this is the best way to end up at a good balanced diet. If you start getting sick, it can be a good idea to go back to the initial stages of soups, yoghurts etc. to allow the pouch to recover. Could you have a small salad for lunch, some shredded chicken, ham or tuna, dressing if you like it, couple of new potatoes? Maybe a small yoghurt as a snack (low or no sugar). I know it takes time before we can eat salad, and I gather rice and pasta can be difficult for some, but they are good bases for lunch too.

Sorry the dietician is not much help, could you ask to see a different one, because nutrition is crucial. best wishes


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