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Re: Products 3% fat and sugar

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Hi Janie,
Think you might be a bit confused with ideal %’s of fats and sugar. Most bariatric teams recommend that you keep fats to under 5% or 5g in every 100g (but there are a few exceptions since there are good fats where you can go a bit higher…like say avocado). Sugars are different and you will have a personal level…I don’t believe it is a % thing and 3% would be way too low. Look at carb level then sugar level and then check. As a bypass patient I find that the consumption in one hit is the one to consider. If I eat more than 7-10g of sugars (not carbs!) in one ‘hit’ or meal then I find I can be in trouble. Some people dump on less and some don’t dump at all….you’ll find your own level but don’t push it…’dumping’ isn’t fun!
The Crystal Light I have recommended in ‘Return to Slender’ isn’t a lemonade as such…or at least is a flat lemonade tasting drink that I found useful for getting water/fluids in during the early stages after wls…it’s not fizzy and is a bit like a cordial but I think tastes better than most on offer. Protein isolate powder is also just a recomendation if you’re constantly falling short on your protein levels in the first few weeks/months. I think it saved me from unnecessary hair loss and I suggest one I like (that tastes great). It’s always better to get your protein from food though so look at introducing high protein dishes and foods into your menu. In both cases I have no link whatsoever with the firms involved…just my recommendation after spending a small fortune on many.
As for making food ahead…I think it really does help, but don’t make a chore of it. It does however help when you just can’t face making something for 2 tbsp after wls. If you know someone who is also having surgery why not share mini pots for variety?
If I can help with anything further food-wise then contact me or my website Recipes and advice for weight-loss surgery patients | Uncategorized | Bariatric Cookery or send me a personal message on here. Always delighted to help.
And, moreover, good luck with June!
Carol x

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