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2]Now if stopped crying thought I could share what happening . it’s been a struggle but I finally got funding for WLS last month . I’ve been I’ll with my asthma for about 5 months not able to work but finally with the right med its under control , I also have high blood pressure which again is control by meds and sleep Apnoa which. Have a machine cap , but I feel at the moment good. I also knew I had aortic stenosis but it was mild/moderate . I needed to see a cardiologist as a change in asthma meds made my heart funny , they changed meds and my heart ok. But as I was going for WLS needed cardiac screening. ECG . Stress heart test and another echo . The results showing that my aortic valve has got worse And is at the upper end of moderate / server ( I’m dyslexic so when upset it get worse so sorry ) And I will at some time need heart surgery on the valve .
So going back to yesterday the anestitist who is very experienced . Is going to have a conversation with my cardiologist and the surgeon , because I’m a high risk of having a heart attack , stroke or dying on the table . They will not operate on me if this leaves me in a worse condition and wants all the medics to think carefully about the risks . And I’ll see her in 4 weeks time . My heart valve is not bad enough to operate on ATM but not good enough for a general anaesthetic .
As you can imagine I’ve been really upset , but also thankful that this has been picked up . I just though my breathlessness was obesity or asthma or both . Apparently she told me their can be no symptoms with aortic stenosis just some people drop down .
So I’m grateful to streamline hopefully if I don’t get WLS then at least the anaesthetist and surgeon talking to the cardiologist might get the cardiologist thinking about what he needs to do for me .
I was concerned about sharing this as I didn’t want you going for WLS to worry , but may be this will reassure you that they think carefully about us and don’t take decision lightly .

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