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Re: Problem foods!!

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@bikerchris 33765 wrote:


I’ve not really had a problem with anything, everything is tolerated well.

when I was newly bypassed, I ws obviously very very careful what I ate, but as the months have passed I’ve become more relaxed. Nowadays I find I can have anything so long as its a small portion. I do clearly keep a close eye on fat and sugar because I want to stay healthy but on special occasions I’ve had a spoonful of pudding or the odd piece of chocolate. And if I do eat an unhealthy thing, I always make sure I’ve eaten some protein first to slow down my digestion. I’ve never dumped and I never want to!

Chris x

Your regime is almost a carbon copy of mine except that I can’t eat animal protein or rice! I never ate much meat anyway and have not eaten fish or pork for about 50 years anyway.

But BOY have I dumped!!! Always self induced so never seek sympathy haha! Shortbread at Christmas – fails every time. Yet I still do it. How ridiculous is that – hoping that one year it might be different? Ridiculous. #servesmeright

Doodah x

ps isn’t repeating the same action over and over but expecting a different outcome each time, the first sign of madness……?!

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