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Re: Pre op seems like it is taking forever

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Well the mile high club means some thing different to me than others !!!
i have just returned from a holiday the first flight i have taken since my surgery in March, we booked extra leg room seats, only to be told that you have to be of “normal size” and be able to sit in the seat with arm rest down and NO extension to the seat belt. Oh yes i said paid the extra and then worried, it is bad enough asking for seat belt extensions let alone now not being able to fit in the seat with seat belt closed,then being moved in front of a plane full of passages.
well i got on smiled said a quick prayer found my seat and sat in that normal seat with arm rest down and the seat belt closed with a little extra!!!!! to spare and table over my lap ::couch2:
i looked at my husband smiled then the tears could not believe it the air hostess smiled and said not to be worried the flights are very safe, i could not tell her why the tears, but my husband told her i was ok.
My holiday just got better from then on i could sit in any chair in the restaurants with or without arms, any sun bed plastic or wooden
to those who have reached this mile stone to all the others dreams do really come true.

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