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Re: Pre op dilemmas

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@Brightonbelle 34845 wrote:

So here I am, op due on 26th, pre op on 13th and milk diet to start on 16th and all these silly thoughts pop into my head!
Will I lose weight? Will I know what to eat? Will I still be the same person? Will my husband and girls still love me? Will my friends stick around? Will I make the most of my new life? Did anyone else feel like this and how did you deal with the negative stuff that gets into your head?

In a word – YES! You are very wise to consider all these things as it shows that you have thought about it very seriously.

Some things will change – it’s inevitable. The biggest change will be that YOU will decide what they are. You will be in control. You will find the courage to leave behind anything or anyone who has been holding you back. Your children will ALWAYS love you. You are their Mum inside so the outside doesn’t matter.

Trust yourself, your team, your surgeon and your surgery. The rest will all scramble into place along the way! It will be a massive learning curve but one that will open up a whole new world to you. I, for one, can’t wait to hear all about it!

Doodah x

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