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Re: Pre op dilemmas

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@Boo22 34852 wrote:

Hi to you and all the lovely ladies that will read this post. Sorry I’ve not been on the forum much lately but life is pretty hectic!
As a relative newbie to WLS I can relate to all the things you mentioned in your post. I had my bypass on 27th Nov just gone and cannot be happier with the decision I made to do it. Since starting my pre-op diet to date I have lost almost 3 stone in weight and feel so much happier about myself. Those that love you and care for you will support you and be happy to see YOU happy. I made the choice to tell the girls at work about my surgery as it was obvious that weight was coming off pretty rapidly. They are so supportive and take a genuine interest in how I manage post-op and I must admit that the compliments I get as to my progress really are good to hear after so many years of feeling self-conscious and feeling like I was always the odd one out when in company of my slim friends! You will make the most of your new life because you will feel bodily ABLE to. Two months in and I am swimming again for the first time in many years, and have even started cycling again. With regard knowing what to eat, follow the dietitian’s advice as well as the ladies here and you will be fine. It is all a bit strange and confusing to begin with but the Streamline staff are amazing and advice is only a phone call or email away. I had follow-up calls from Anne-Marie the Nurse and Juliette the Dietitian shortly after my surgery and they really help to reassure you as to what to do…along with the lovely ladies on the forum. Your husband loves you as a person whether your are bigger or smaller…I am sure he will be happy for you as you start to change and be pleased with your progress. One thing I wasn’t ready for that I will mention is don’t be surprised if your emotions are all over the place for the first week or so after surgery. One minute I was on top of the world and the next I was crying. Could I tell you why I was tearful…no! Lol. Relief? Happiness? After effects of anaesthetic? God knows! But it is normal and it passes! And then you won’t be able to stop grinning as you start noticing your body changing shape and you become more mobile and feel easier in your own skin. Silly things like bending down to put your shoes on, sitting and crossing your legs, not being breathless after climbing stairs. All positive stuff!
Well I have droned on enough now so will sign out but I wish you every success with your surgery…you could not be in safer hands and here’s to a happy and healthy 2016 for all of us.
Boo xx

The changes you have mentioned in this brilliant post are ones that people who have never had a weight problem wouldn’t even think about for one second – yet they are monumental to us! Crossing your legs was one of my all time favourites in addiction to being able to paint my own toenails. So many more wonderful ‘firsts’ are coming. I couldn’t be happier for you 🙂

Doodah x

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