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Re: Pouch FAQ

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Your lungs and heart are behind your ribs and your stomach is just below the bottom of your rib cage as Elaine said with if I remember correctly your diaphragm stretching across the bottom of your rib cage sepperating the stomach and intestines from your lungs and heart.

Now to your pain, generaly we dont feel pain from any internal cutting as the internal organs are wired in a different way as far as pain receptors are concerned so if you are feeling any pain it’s unlikely to be from where the stomach was cut and joined or from either of the two intestinal joints, although over stuffing the pouch will give you a pain as you are stretching the pouch, it has nothing to do with the joins that the surgeon made, as Elaine said she still gets this if she over does it and her surgery was over a year ago so all her joints are well and truly heald by now, it also only takes about a week or two for all the joints to be healed enough to be strong enough to survive a little abuse as we learn when enough is enough and it’s best not to try just one more spoon full when you get that twinge of I think that last spoon should be the last.

The pain you are feeling is probably just pain from where they cut through the muscles that surround your abdomen area to pull all the tool ports in, muscles take longer to heal because they keep moving every time you move or even breath, mind you saying that I was fully healed in 2 weeks and the only pain or discomfort I get now is when I don’t listen to my pouch and take that dreaded one spoon to much.

Also did you have a drain fitted during surgery, if yes these points are notorious for taking a bit longer to heal.

Hope this has been of help


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